Tilia FoodSaver Vac 835 / V835 Vacuum Sealer

Tilia FoodSaver Vac 835 / V835 Vacuum Sealer (Brand New)

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Tilia FoodSaver Vac 835 / V835 Vacuum Sealer
This product is Brand New .

The new V835 gives you features previously found only in our top line appliances, like Built-in Roll Holder and Cutter and 2-Level Seal Control. The Easy-clean Antibacterial Drip Tray makes cleanup a snap, and Hands-free Operation makes it easy for anyone to vacuum package. The V835 also works with all FoodSaver accessories, including Canisters, Bottle Stoppers, Universal Lids and Jar Sealers.

FoodSaver Bags have a design so unique it has been patented. Special channels enable the efficient and complete removal of air so none is left trapped in pockets around the food. Their 5-ply construction makes them an especially effective barrier to oxygen and moisture. FoodSaver Bags are safe to freeze, boil or microwave, and proven to prevent freezer burn.


  • Hands-Free Operation - Vacuums, seals, and shifts off automatically. Simply press & release lid. 
  • Easy-clean Antibacterial Drip Tray - Makes clean-up a snap. Removable and dishwasher-safe. Includes built-in guides to make positioning the bags easy. 
  • Built-in Roll Holder and Cutter - Conveniently stores any size FoodSaver Roll and cuts a straight line every time. 
  • 2-Level Seal Control - Allows adjustments to bag sealing time for the perfect seal - shorter for dry foods, longer for moist foods. 
  • Commercial-quality Vacuum - for maximum power 
  • Indicator Light - Tracks progress of the vacuum and sealing process 
  • Sealing Strip with Teflon- Coating - Seals bags airtight with a durable, even seal. Extended Vacuum - Lengthens vacuum time 
  • Cancel Button - Stops pump during vacuum process. 
  • Accessory Port - Accessory Hose connects here to vacuum package using Canisters, Bottle Stoppers, and Universal Lids. 
  • Full-sized Vacuum Channel - Catches overflow liquids and fits any size FoodSaver Bag for maximum versatility. 
  • Instant Seal - Stops the vacuum process to prevent crushing delicate items.
  • Color is white.

Package Contents:

  • FoodSaver Vac 835
  • 3 Quart Size Bags
  • 2 Gallon Size Bags
  • Quick Start Guide

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This product comes with a 90 day warranty.

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This product comes with a 90 warranty.