Sony BM-89 Standard Cassette Transcriber / Dictator

Sony BM-89 Standard Cassette Transcriber / Dictator (Refurbished)

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Sony BM-89 Standard Cassette Transcriber / Dictator
This product is Refurbished What is a Refurbished product?
Refurbished. Remanufactured. Reconditioned. Essentially, all of these terms refer to the same thing. But what does refurbished really mean?

A refurbished product is one that is sent back to the manufacturer or supplier for a variety of reasons, refitted with different parts as necessary, and then tested and approved for resale by the manufacturer or supplier. Refurbished products typically carry a warranty.

Yes, it can mean a product that was returned because it didnít work properly and was redone to factory specifications. But it can also be a product with a cosmetic blemish -- like a small ding on the telephone -- that automatically means it cannot be sold in stores. Or it could be a telephone that was returned simply because it wasnít the correct model the consumer wanted, but the consumer had opened the box.

In any case, refurbished doesnít necessarily mean that youíre buying a used product at all. Many refurbished products have never even been sold or used. In some cases, they are inventory overstocks that were never made available for sale or never shipped out to frontline stores.

Most importantly, refurbished doesnít mean that youíre buying a product with a defect or something else wrong with it. Refurbished products go through the same testing and approval process that all brand new products go through.



  • Digital Pitch Control allows the user to speed up or slow down the playback, with exceptional clarity
  • 2-Speed Operation is compatible with Sony's two-speed portable recorder, for maximum dictating and transcribing versatility
  • Fast forward to record-end allows the user to Fast Forward to the end of their dictation at the touch of a button
  • LCD Digital Display indicates number of letters on cassette, special instructions if any, individual document length, and total length in minutes
  • Hand held mic with slide switch for easy dictation and editing (optional, not included)
  • Speed/Tone/Volume/Pitch Controls are individual slider-type, front panel mounted, to allow easy one-finger adjustment for transcribing convenience
  • Document scan function quickly lets the operator know the number and length of documents and if any special instructions are recorded
  • Built-In Playback Speaker atop the unit is useful when one or more persons wishes to listen to the recording, without the need to wear earphones
  • Built-In Erase in Rewind may be activated to automatically erase recordings while rewinding the cassette
  • Pre End-of-Tape Alarm
  • Tape System 4 Track, 2 Channel Monaural Cassette
  • Tape Speeds 4.8cm/sec, 2.4cm/sec
  • Fast Winding Time Approx. 2 min. 20 sec. with DC-90 Cassette at 4.8cm/sec
  • Frequency Response 100 - 8,000Hz (4.8cm/sec.)
    100 - 5,000Hz (2.4cm/sec)
  • Outputs Earphone Mini Jack
  • Speaker Mono x 1, 2 1/4" (57mm) dia.
  • Power Output 350mW (at 10% Harmonic Distortion)
  • Power Requirements 9V with AC Adaptor

Foot control and headset optional, not included.

This product comes with a 90 day warranty.

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This product comes with a 90 warranty. . .at no extra charge!

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