Nortel Meridian 9516 Business Telephone w/ Automated Attendant Voice Mail Voice Announce Caller ID

Nortel Meridian 9516 Business Telephone w/ Automated Attendant Voice Mail Voice Announce Caller ID (Brand New)

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Nortel Meridian 9516 Business Telephone w/ Automated Attendant Voice Mail Voice Announce Caller ID
This product is Brand New .



  • Built-in Digital Answering Machine

  • Handsfree Speaker Phone

  • Automated Attendant System (i.e. "Press 1 for our office hours press 2 for directions press 3 for this week's specials.")

  • 12 Mailboxes

  • *Voice Caller ID (name and number)

  • *Phone allows you to record specific outgoing messages for different people based on their caller ID phone number. (See example one below.)

  • *Phone can also use a list of Caller ID phone numbers to create a group message. (See example two below.)

  • Phone can call you at another number or page you to advise that you have new messages

  • No tapes or batteries

  • 72 hour power failure memory

  • Personal Directory and Callers List for up to 75 names/numbers

  • *Call Announce (phone can announce the number of the calling party or the calling party's name)

  • Audible beep when there are new messages (can be turned off or on)

  • *Red light flashes when new messages received and goes solid when line is in use

  • Toll saver function

  • Buttons for Hold Redial Link/Flash Contrast Adjust Play Record Callers list

  • 5 buttons which can be programmed for 1-touch speed dials or custom calling features

  • *Built-in Distinctive Ringing switch sends secondary ring calls to another device IE: fax

  • If you have more than one 9516 phone you can do Paging and transfer Data between phones


Name and number Call Display*
Compatible with Centrex PBX or standard telephone service
2x16 adjustable backlit display
Speakerphone with mute
Voice Announce* of incoming callers
30 minutes recording time for recording
Memo's or directory names
75-name and number Callers List*
75-name and number downloadable Directory
Remote notification of new messages
Remote access to messages and Directory with password protection
Personal and group greetings to callers listed in your Directory*
Integrated Auto Attendant
Quick playback/random playback
Fax Switch option for fax or other devices*
Five programmable memory keys for frequently called numbers or feature access codes
Last 10 number redial
Preferred Name Match*
LINK/Release/Hold keys
Visual ringing/extension-in-use/hold indicator
CMS/Voltage Message Waiting indicator*
Optional page and call timer keys
English/French prompts
Hearing aid compatible
Desk or wall mountable
Integrated digital answering machine
Nine personal and three special mailboxes

Example One: If a client named Ed calls and you have a custom greeting just for his phone number, he could hear, "Ed, sorry I missed you...I'm out on an appointment.  You should be receiving our proposal by tomorrow morning."  Only Ed would hear that message.  Other callers would hear your standard greeting.

Example Two: If you're the manager of a sales team, and any members of the team call you, they could hear a custom group message: Our sales meeting has been rescheduled to Wednesday at 9:30am.  We will be meeting in Conference Room 2.  I look forwarding to seeing everyone there.  If you need to speak to me right now, please press "1".

This product comes with a 90 day warranty.

This product is an analog telephone and does not require a PBX System or additional hardware to operate.
This product can be plugged into all standard telephone wall jacks, including residential lines.

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This product comes with a 90 warranty. . .at no extra charge!

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