Dictaphone 2710 Standard Cassette Transcriber / Dictator

Dictaphone 2710 Standard Cassette Transcriber / Dictator (Refurbished)

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Dictaphone 2710 Standard Cassette Transcriber / Dictator
This product is Refurbished What is a Refurbished product?
Refurbished. Remanufactured. Reconditioned. Essentially, all of these terms refer to the same thing. But what does refurbished really mean?

A refurbished product is one that is sent back to the manufacturer or supplier for a variety of reasons, refitted with different parts as necessary, and then tested and approved for resale by the manufacturer or supplier. Refurbished products typically carry a warranty.

Yes, it can mean a product that was returned because it didnít work properly and was redone to factory specifications. But it can also be a product with a cosmetic blemish -- like a small ding on the telephone -- that automatically means it cannot be sold in stores. Or it could be a telephone that was returned simply because it wasnít the correct model the consumer wanted, but the consumer had opened the box.

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The Dictaphone 2710 ExecTalk voice processing system is designed for the convenience of both the dictator and the transcriptionist. Dictation features include a digital tape counter/locator that measures tape movement in minutes and tenths; a mute control that filters background noise during recording, one-step conference recording, telephone recording (using a telephone record adapter), and Q-Alert indexing for marking special instructions and end of letters. The ExecTalk desktop unit uses a LiteMike hand microphone with separate Letter and Special Instruction cue indexing controls.


  • Built in speaker
  • LCD display
  • Fully adjustable auto-backspace
  • Fully adjustable speed, tone and volume control
  • Conference record button
  • Telephone record button and jack
  • Tape counter
  • Mute function
  • Built-in erase

Note: Handheld micrphone and foot pedal not included.

This product comes with a 90 day warranty.

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This product comes with a 90 warranty. . .at no extra charge!

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