Aastra 6090 Talking Caller ID w/ Call Waiting

Aastra 6090 Talking Caller ID w/ Call Waiting (Brand New)

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Aastra 6090 Talking Caller ID w/ Call Waiting
This product is Brand New .


  • 50 Name and Number Memory

  • Announces Caller's Number or one of up to 15 Custom Recorded Messages

  • Multi-Function LED Indicator

  • Programmable Options

  • English - Spanish and French Languages

  • Large Three-Line High Resolution LCD Display

  • Desk or Wall Mountable

Additional Information:

  • Audio Announcement of Incoming Calls

  • Audio Announcement of Voice VIP Messages

  • Volume Control

  • Speaker On/Off

  • Extra large three-line high resolution LCD display

  • Multi-Function LED

  • Stores a maximum of 50 calls

  • Display indicates private calls - when no data is sent and when line errors occur

  • Low battery symbol

  • Total and New call counters

  • Repeat call indicator

  • Dual call review buttons

  • Erase button

  • Requires two AAA batteries (not included)

The Voice 6090 is a device that works with your local telephone company's Caller ID service. The Voice 6090 displays Caller ID information when it is received and also stores it in the Call Log for later review. The Voice 6090 can be used to screen unwanted calls - eliminate harassment from annoying calls - or to get prepared before answering a call. When used with Caller-ID service - after the first ring - the Voice 6090 displays the name (if available) and the telephone number of the person calling - along with the date and time of the call before you pick up your telephone. In addition - the unit's voice capability enables it to announce the number of the incoming call - allowing you to hear who is calling even when you can not see the display. The unit suppresses ringing on the attached phone during this announcement. The Voice 6090 retains a record of the above information up to a maximum of 50 calls received - including those received while you were away. The Voice 6090 allows you to record a VIP Message and assign it to a phone number so that this message is played out when thecorresponding number is received.

This product comes with a 90 day warranty.

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This product comes with a 90 warranty. . .at no extra charge!

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