AT&T 1772 2-Line Digital Answering System

AT&T 1772 2-Line Digital Answering System (Scratch & Dent)

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AT&T 1772 2-Line Digital Answering System
This product is Scratch & Dent What is a Scratch & Dent product?

Scratch and Dent products may have cosmetic blemishes.

Each product has been thoroughly tested and includes a warranty. The product image is for illustrative purposes only; actual product may have imperfections as listed in the product description.

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and has the following cosmetic blemish:
Unit has yellowing on casing.

Called the AT&T Two-Line Digital Answering System 1772 the multi-featured unit has all the benefits of digital recording technology. These benefits include instant playback which lets consumers hear their messages instantly without waiting for tapes to rewind selective message save and delete instant message forward and repeat and repeat and review which lets consumers play only those parts of a message they want to hear.

One of the great features of the 1772 is selective playback said Kathy Shuck product manager AT&T Consumer Products. You can play back messages from each line separately or together. You can also have a different outgoing message for each line. These features make the 1772 useful in a variety of applications including home-office and regular home use.

The Two-Line Digital Answering System 1772 has a time/day/line stamp which announces the time day of the week and the line number of each message during playback.

The 1772 can record up to 24 minutes of messages and announcements and allows customers to retrieve messages remotely from touch-tone or rotary phones. The answering system has voice prompts that clearly direct consumers through a menu of commands when calling in for messages. The 1772 also records up to four outgoing announcements so consumers can quickly and easily change the announcement heard by callers.

The 1772 new message playback feature of the 1772 saves consumers time by allowing them to select only new messages for playback. Messages can be accessed at the 1772 or from a remote location.

Two-way call recording lets consumers save important calls by recording both sides of a telephone conversation. With the announce-only feature the unit answers calls and delivers the outgoing announcement without taking messages. This feature is useful for a business that wants to announce its hours of operation for example.

This product comes with a 90 day warranty.

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This product comes with a 90 warranty.